Calarts Portfolio

Calarts portfolio is up!

It's 16 files, so I uploaded it to my lj gallery. Looking back on the things I put in, I kind of wish I spent more time on it. I was in such a rush to get it out by the preferred deadline that I winged a lot of stuff. Sometimes when I look at other people's portfolios, I really wonder how I got in. But I'm happy that I did. Now, to work my ass off more and catch up to my peers D:


  1. It looks awesome *A* Was it printed in book format? Did you bind it? XD

    *gah...friday...i wonder if i should really submit*



    Ouu I didn't know you had a lj gallery haha...*looks thru pretty KH drawing*

  2. hey,,can i get your email?
    my profession is animation too...